Instituto Episcopal de Liderazgo

      "Tu llamado crece de tu amor a Jesus, y tu deseo de compartir este amor con otros"

El Instituto Episcopal de Liderazgo/The Leadership Institute


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 The "Instituto de Liderazgo" was formed in 2010, to provide training for lay leaders in Hispanic Congregations. It was formed to motivate people to be leaders and to know their church , their faith, and the basics of ministry better, so they could be better equipped to lead and to serve Christ and work for the just Kingdom of God. It is meant to be both practical and maintain a standard of quality, to meet the people where they are, yet not to devalue the importance of a rigorous education. Classes are taught in Spanish and in different congregations of the Diocese, one Saturday a month. The program has the seal of approval from our Bishops, and from Bloy House Episcopal Seminary-The Episcopal Theological School at Claremont.